• Lighting Tower Specialist
    Lighting Towers Specialist
Production areasq.m 15000

Production area
sq.m 15000


over 100

PRODUCTION  entirely in Italy

entirely in Italy


over 20

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TRIME UK Limited is a company specialised in design and production of lighting towers for the rental market. The company premises cover an area of 15000 sqm. Design, metalwork, powder coating, mechanical and electric assembly and final testing are done here.

Some of the best engineers and technicians operating in the tower lighting and electromechanical sector are part of our team. They developed a wide range of innovative, versatile, compact and modern machines, suitable for multiple uses such as construction sites, roadworks, mining operations, special events, civil protection and military applications. 

In a few years, the company doubled its size and the quality of our products brought us to manage a strategic network of sales and service centers spread on four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Our company has a widespread network of service centers that are always available to assist customers with any enquiry or need they may have.


We adopt a customer centred, innovative, smart and sustainable approach to market.  So, we use only the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to maximize safety, efficiency and minimize costs. 
We carry out internally all the production processes, final assembly, quality control and testing The result il a complete and wide range of products to satsfy your company's needs for any application.

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