The X-Boot with Automatic filtration introduces a Boot wash system able to Recycle 100% or water used for boot cleaning. This Boot wash is able to recycle the water used to clean our boots, to utilize it again many times and collect the mud for easy disposal.

The Trime X-BOOT

Deploying the techniques that the Trime development team had used to produce their award winning X-SPLASH Wash Bays, they have designed a footwear cleaning system that no only recycles the water, but will help towards keeping the offices, canteens workshops and inside vehicles clean and tidy.

The Trime X-BOOT is a footwear wash system that is able to recycle 100% of the water used. Its clever design enables a site to utilise the water many times, whilst the X-BOOTs’ filtration system collects the soil and mud for easy disposal via a removable textile bag.

The X-BOOT had been made to collect up to 1000 kg of dirt, mud and other contaminates, saving over 20,000 litres of water per week. Seven persons can use the X-BOOT at any given time, using the handy cleaning brushes to ensure that their footwear to properly cleaned. The X-BOOT operates from safe 110v and can be positioned onto site using a forklift truck or telehandler. It is set up for use within a matter of moments.

To learn more about the X-BOOT contact Trime on 01480 220500 or sales@trimeuk.com

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X-Boot automatic filtration
Dimensions mm L W H
3430 1185 1595
Dry Weight Kg 580
Big Bag Geo-Textile fabric 190 gr/sqm
Dimensions mm L W H
1000 1000 700
Filtering Capacity l/sqm/sec 30
Lifting straps 30cm long nr. 4
CEE electric main plug 16A 230V

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