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Eliminating dust in:
  • Demolition Sites
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Concrete & Aggregates Production
  • Site Cutting of Paving Slabs
  • Loading truck on Site Waste
  • Recycling
  • Steel and Slag Landfills
  • Wood and Aluminium Processing
  • Removal of tiles, plaster, paint and cement
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DUST KILLS!!! Airborne Dust DOES create health problems and unsafe working conditions.

X-Dust is ideal for the elimination of airborne dust and odour emissions for both outdoor and indoor applications. The built-in handles and large wheels make the X-Dust easily manoeuvrable on site. Simply connect to power and water source, and the X-Dust is ready for use.

Contact us to learn how using our X-Dust can help keep your environment dust free - sales@trimeuk.com 

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Traditional System

1.Water particles from a hose have a 1000 micron average diameter and are not able to catch dust particles that have an 80 micron diameter. 

2.Water flow passes through the dust cloud without covering it completely.

X-Dust System

1.Nebulised water particles have a 40–120 micron diameter; they can easily combine themselves with dust particles of similar dimension and drag them to the ground. 

2.Nebulised water can completely dust cloud.

Horizontal Range

Technical Features

Electric motor Single phase 110V
Water pump 0.37 kW
Electrical connection 2P+T plug 16A IP67
Water connection Standard hose connection
Fan 6 bladed complete with aluminium hub
Air flow 90 m3/h
Coverage (without wind) 15 m
Nominal pressure 1 up to 5 bar
Water inlet filter 300 μm
Tilting angle 0° to 45°
Dimensions 1092 x 935 x 870h mm
Dry weight 97 kg
Water consumption 1.bar – 5.4 l/min
1.5 bar – 6.6 l/min
2.0 bar – 7.5 l/min
2.5 bar – 8.5 l/min
Option 220V 50Hz
Generator Required 5KVA

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